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All right, that all makes sense. How do you get the chronograph to run faster than the split second hand? This is the moment when magic happens. Normaly, the split second hand will lock in place along with the second chronograph hand. The split wheel has a return mechanism that is fixed. This is then engaged by a heart-shaped cam on the chronograph wheel. When the split-second wheel stops, the lever will continue to move around the edge the heart cam as it is equipped with a jewelled roller.replica watches A spring bar is used to tension the return lever. When the split wheel is released, the spring-loaded return lever will instantly jump back to the lowest resistance point against the heart cam that matches up with the running hands.

Split seconds brake system

It is very difficult to get the tension of the return lever right. You can get too much tension, and the movement will drag. This will make it lose time or stop if the torque of the barrel is not enough to overcome the spring tension. Too little tension and the hands will not snap back together.

Habring found two solutions to this problem. He changed the solid spring bar to a smaller, coiled one, similar to the kind you'd find in a pen. Just a lot smaller. The return lever was able to be flexed more easily. Second,Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches he built the split-second mechanism on top the most bulletproof tractor movement ever made: the Valjoux. Click here to read more about the Valjoux 7750 and how it saved the watch industry.

The Double

The Doppelchronograph, launched in 1991 was a revolutionary product and statement. Only a few manufactures, such as Patek Philippe and Blancpain, using Frederic Piguet's automatic caliber 1186 and a modified Lemania CH27 manual wind movement offered split seconds chronographs. These were all extremely expensive. Patek Philippe Replica's Doppel, or "Double", declared that "there is no complication which we cannot improve and offer at a lower price." This bold declaration would be realized in the first grand complication of Patek Philippe Replica, Il Destriero Scaffusia, or "The Warhorse of Schaffhausen".


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